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Soria is a province of standard entity at a world level (Land, department or county, etc.)

The province of Soria has been chosen for this pilot project (which will be later extrapolated to other areas) because of its environmental richness, its low, decreasing population (92,000 inhabitants in 183 town councils), its slight industralization, its significant surface area (one million hectares), and its situation: relatively isolated and yet quite close to industrialized, degraded areas.

Soria belongs to a group of territories which find themselves in a better position for the new model of development than other areas (benefited by the policies of economic development of the '60s), that are now in decline.

The novelist Julián Marías wrote some years ago these words for the preface of the book Maya (written by Emilio Ruiz, one of DEYNA's founders):

"... Soria is one of the most interesting and appealing places of Spain, precisely because its relative isolation and decent poverty have been a way to keep alive many worthy realities that everywhere else have got lost, although they must become new starting points again, if we want Spain to enjoy a true future."

Soria is an old, famous symbol of heroic, last-ditch resistance (Numancia), and it was the birthplace of Literature in the Spanish Language (Medieval Epic Poem of the Cid). Soria enjoyed a magnificent 14th century. King Alfonso VIII's personal guard was from Soria. Soria was a leader for the medieval Honourable Mesta Council. Such model institutions as the Round Table of the Twelve Main Noble Families was moderated by a Commons' Chamber which was "The Common." Since then, and until now, Soria has always been in full decline, and has only deserved to be revived for posterity in a remarkable way by the noble and sensitive souls of poets such as Bécquer, Machado, Gerardo Diego, etc.

Soria, pivot point for changing the world
Soria, measure unit

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