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"To carry out in a territorial circumscription-the province of Soria in Spain-a model of Sustained and Ecoevolutionary Development which could be extrapolated to other places of the world thanks to the demonstration effect."

Authors of the Project DEYNA
D. Pelayo del Riego (Ideologist), D. Raúl Pisano y Dª Mª Victoria Palacios

Deyna seeks solutions for the two most important problems of our planet:
In order to achieve this, the foundation considers that it to be of fundamental importance that the "Permanent world forum on Sustainable Development" and the 'Global Monitoring Station and the Training Centre of the Local Agenda 21", are located in Spain.


Comments on the DEYNA Project by the President of the Government Mr. José María Aznar, by the "father" of the Rio Summit, 92, Dr. Maurice Strong, and by the President of the Council of Castilla y León, the region where the project has been initiated.

"The Project presented by the Foundation Desarrollo y Naturaleza (DEYNA) at the World Expo in Hannover has the support of the Government, as well as my personal backing. Spain aspires to lead the monitoring of the "Agendas 21" on sustainable development after Hannover."

José Mª Aznar
Prime Minister

"I'am pleased to confirm my full support and endorsement of Soria's nomination to be recognised at the first province to have completed its "Local Agenda 21" since the Earth Summit, based on the Global Agenda 21, approved in Río. This is a very important accomplishment, wich will make a major contribution to achievement of the transition to a more sustainable pathway to the future of the Earth and its people, which was called for at the EarthSummit."

Maurice Strong
General Secretary of the Earth Council

"I want to express the support of the Regional Government of Castilla y León to the development and implementation of the "Agenda 21" along the lines set out by the Foundation DEYNA over the last few years and based upon the "Global Agenda 21" approved in Río de Janeiro in 1992."

Juan José Lucas
President of the Regional Government of Castilla y León


The Foundation Development and Nature(DEYNA) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which, since its creation in 1992, has promoted and postulated a model of Sustained and Ecoevolutionary development, not only economical, but also humanistic and generation spanning. By acting locally and thinking globally, DEYNA hopes the planet can maintain and improve its habitability and, at the same time, that the model-project can provide a solution for development in the region where it is implemented; also providing demonstrable effects for other territories and places on the planet.

DEYNA's mission is to promote and develop the science, technology, culture and economy of Soria; to contribute to the conservation of nature and of the environment; to forward the harmonious Sustained and Ecoevolutionary socio-economic development; and to preserve and stimulate the scientific and cultural heritage of Soria, in order to make it a model territory of Sustainable Development.

This mission requires:

1. Starting point

The implementation of the "Local Agendas 21" in the municipalities of the province of Soria, as the Agendas 21 are the starting point and guiding line of the project.

2. Three-pronged strategy

2.1 A private UNIVERSITY, preferably multidisciplinary and of postgraduate level, focussed on problems of health, on the Environment and on Sustained, Ecoevolutionary and Humanistic (ethical) Development. It will be a UNIVERSITY for the 21 Century and will be in touch with other national and international institutions.

2.2 An OPEN MUSEUM - the province of Soria - active, complex and dynamic, generically called "MUSEUM OF THE ENVIRONMENT, MAN AND NATURE", interrelated with the University and comprising open and closed spaces, old and new concepts, backdrops of yesterday and today, natural areas and culture framed in human works, old and new methodologies, cosy, attractive, suggestive, stimulating, integrating, instructive and interactive.

2.3 A PROGRAM OF RESEARCH PROJECTS, at the service of ECODEVELOPMENT and new technologies, which are friendly and compatible with nature: profitability, knowledge and quality.

3. Final Objective

The projection of this three-pronged approach to other regions and countries will be carried out through:

3.1 A Permanent International Forum on Sustainable Development, and

3.2 A Monitoring Station and Education Centre for Knowledge and Application of the "Local Agenda 21" ("Program 21 - Summit of Rio '1992)

Proyecto DEYNA- Modelo de desarrollo sostenido y ecoevolutivo
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DEYNA will carry out any other new projects that aim at developing the endogenous resources and recovering the natural environment within this three-pronged strategic approach. Any of these projects must be coherent with the objective of stimulating and augmenting the standard of living of the inhabitants of Soria and of any region where the model is applied.

All in all, the DEYNA PROJECT is meant to be a guide of Development towards the sustainable model, which undoubtedly will become a decisive step in order to face the biggest of all human problems, which is poverty and stop the destruction of the biosphere.



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